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What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

Brooke Kuecker is a student from South Dakota. Pursuing a bachelor’s degree at present, Brooke Kuecker received an associate’s degree in the field of dentistry and worked as a dental assistant for a year.

A dental assistant works within a dental office and tends to both office and laboratory tasks. In addition to scheduling patients, keeping records, dealing with payments, and other clerical tasks, a dental assistant supplements the dentist’s patient care.

Prior to a main procedure performed by a dentist, the dental assistant prepares the patient and the area, making sure the proper tools are sterilized and in order and the patient is comfortable in the dental chair. The assistant may also perform initial cleanings or take x-rays. During a procedure, the assistant hands tools to the dentist and suctions moisture from the patient’s mouth. In general, an assistant may be responsible for any task that assists the dentist and for keeping the clinic running smoothly and up to standards.