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About the Uneven Bars in Women’s Gymnastics

An experienced gymnast, Brooke Kuecker trained in the sport throughout her high school years. Brooke Kuecker developed high-level coordination as a result of this training.

One of the most popular sports in women’s gymnastics, the uneven bars evolved from the men’s parallel bars. In the early days of the event, the bars were little more than a man’s shoulder width apart, and routines performed on them were simple. Women would circle the bars or balance and hold, which evolved into bounce, twist, and eventually release moves.

As the event became a standard in women’s competitions, the equipment itself evolved. Bars became smaller in circumference and set wider apart. This allowed gymnasts to perform more advanced and visually impressive moves, such as the giant swing and the clear hip release. Now, spectators of high-level competitions can expect to see several flips and twists within the same routine, as well as complex bar-to-bar transitions, pirouette-to-release combinations, and high-difficulty sequential releases.


Rituals of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Brooke Kuecker studies health sciences and works part time as an office manager for a cosmetic sales organization. As an involved member of her community, Brooke Kuecker is a life member of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

Established in 1914, the Ladies Auxiliary VFW works to support U.S. veterans in honor of the sacrifices they have made. The organization offers scholarships, teaches patriotism and American heritage, and supports cancer research.

The group has a number of rituals. The following is a guide to understanding several Ladies Auxiliary VFW traditions:
1.) Members place their right hands over their hearts in a salute when the flag enters or leaves the room and during the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem.
2.) Different gavel raps indicate signs for members to come to attention (one rap), rise (two raps), and be seated (three raps).
3.) The area between the president’s station and the altar are considered sacred, and members must not cross unless ritual directs.