Lake Area Technical Institute Dental Programs

A health enthusiast, Brooke Kuecker was an active athlete who participated in softball and basketball in grade school and gymnastics during high school. Following high school, she attended Lake Area Technical Institute to pursue a health profession. A graduate, Brooke Kuecker holds an associate’s degree in the dentistry field.

Located in Watertown, South Dakota, Lake Area Technical Institute (LATI) offers degree and certification programs that prepare students for future occupations. The dental assisting program teaches students how to administer nitrous oxide, take x-rays, sterilize instruments, and perform other duties as an extension of a general or specialty dentist. An 11-month curriculum, LATI provides hands-on experience in a school setting as well as in clinical offices. A 20-month program is also offered, which gives students the opportunity to earn their associates of applied science with an emphasis in dentistry.

Accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation, LATI’s dental assisting program can be completed online. Built as a hybrid course, students take a series of computer-based courses from home and attend on-campus labs. In addition, 300 hours of clinical experience is required at an approved dental office.

Graduates of LATI’s dentistry programs pursue careers in private and general practices. Furthermore, graduates are qualified to work in hospitals, orthodontic offices, and public health fields.


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