The Role of a Dental Assistant

Advanced dental assistant Brooke Kuecker is licensed by the State of South Dakota and works on a full-time basis. In addition to her work responsibilities, Brooke Kuecker is an undergraduate student aiming to complete a bachelor’s degree in health science.

Dental assistants deliver patient care, assist dentists with oral healthcare procedures, facilitate smooth administration processes, and maintain rooms and dental instruments in dental practices. Dental assistants commonly communicate with patients before and during appointments, educate them on oral health issues, and assist dentists during treatment. The working conditions in dental offices are generally very good, and the level of personal interaction with patients can be rewarding for dental assistants. Both full- and part-time work is available in dental care facilities, hospitals, and dental schools.

On-the-job training is sometimes provided, but candidates wishing to receive training and a credential may attend an accredited program. In some states, licensure or registration as a dental assistant may be required. Useful subjects to study prior to graduating from high school include health and office practices, chemistry, and biology.


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