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Career Options With A Degree In Health Sciences

Brooke Kuecker studied dental sciences at Lake Area Technical Institute, where she graduated with an associate’s degree. Currently serving as an officer manager for a cosmetic sales company, Brooke Kuecker is also working toward a bachelor’s degree in health sciences.

There are a number of administrative, clerical, and lab positions available to those with a degree in health sciences. Health care administration, a common career choice among health sciences graduates, involves the drafting, organization, and delivery of healthcare. Clerical career paths include working as a health unit coordinator for a nursing home or hospital, serving as a health care institution’s medical record administrator, or working as a medical record technician or medical secretary. Clinical and laboratory positions often require more specialized training. For example, cytotechnologists study the structure and function of individual cells. This position includes clerical work such as preparing cellular samples on slides, but also exploratory work such as diagnosing diseases through cellular examination.