How to Avoid Injuries While Exercising

Brooke Kuecker has maintained an active lifestyle for most of her life. In high school, she was a member of the basketball and softball teams and also participated in gymnastics training. As a former dental assistant and current college student, Brooke Kuecker continues to champion physical fitness and exercise to this day.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to avoid injuries while exercising.

Be aware of the body’s limitations — Knowing one’s body is key to avoiding injuries while exercising. Individuals who experience back or knee problems should take special precautions when engaging in exercises that involve these areas, or avoid them altogether.

Increase activity gradually — When starting an exercise program, especially for those who have not exercised in a while, it is best to start out slowly and increase activity gradually. Experts recommend increasing activity by no more than 2 percent until each new goal is met.

Vary the routine — Rather than concentrating on one form of exercise, it is best to vary the routine and try different forms of exercises such as biking, swimming, or walking. This type of cross-training helps to prevent the misuse or overuse of certain muscles and areas of the body.

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