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A Look at Dental Assistant Duties, by Brooke Kuecker

Dental assistants do exactly what their title suggests: they assist dentists. The ways they assist dentists can vary greatly from office to office but most work with patients, help manage the office, and conduct lab work. When working with patients, dental assistants help make them comfortable and ready to see the dentist, and they set up the office, sterilizing instruments and laying them out for use. They might also hand instruments to dentists during procedures, take and process X-rays, and remove sutures.

Dental assistants are often instrumental in office management as well. They answer phones, set up appointments, greet and assist patients, and set up and manage patient files. Additionally, they can process in-office payments and prepare invoices. Finally, some dental assistants might take on lab responsibilities, such as making plaster casts, cleaning and polishing mouth guards and dentures, and performing orthodontic measurements.

About the author: Brooke Kuecker is a Dental Assistant in South Dakota, where she is licensed as an advanced dental assistant. She completed her training at Lake Area Technical Institute.